Patients with HIV

Patients with HIV osteopathy clinic

Our Blanchard and Royal Free Clinics provide osteopathic treatment to people living with HIV. 

Osteopathic treatment can bring improvements to quality of life by addressing the particular musculoskeletal dysfunction often experienced by patients with HIV. It also complements the drug therapies used to manage HIV and may help to minimise the impact of side-effects.

Treatment in both clinics is provided by senior osteopathic students supervised and supported by tutors who are qualified osteopaths with a specialist interest in HIV, drug therapies, associated pathologies and the musculoskeletal presentation of HIV.

The Blanchard Clinic runs on Monday mornings at the UCO Clinic.

The Royal Free Clinic is based at the Royal Free Hospital’s Ian Charleston Day Centre on Friday afternoons, and has in the past been generously supported by the Burdett Trust.

“Lots of people think that, because there is now medication for HIV that can keep people alive you should just be grateful and get on with it, but there can still be lots of problems in dealing with HIV. The osteopathy I get is helping to keep things under control. I don’t know what I would have done if this clinic had not been started: it is fantastic that my doctor steered me here.”

Sally, patient

Appointments at the Royal Free Clinic are free of charge.

At the Blanchard Clinic appointments are charged at the general clinic rate of £34 (£16 concessionary, £26 community partners).

It’s quick and easy to book an appointment.
Simply call us on 020 7089 5360 or email us at

Extra information

Appointment times

Blanchard – Monday (AM)
Royal Free – Fri (PM)

Appointment fee
£16 - £34