Osteopathy for babies, children and teenagers

The Paediatric Clinic at the UCO offers specialist care for children, young people and their families as they grow.

We talk to Sam Fennell, osteopath, about what makes the clinic so special.

“I’ve been an osteopath for 13 years and have worked with children and babies throughout my professional career. I love what I do because we are able to spend plenty of time with each family understanding their concerns and needs so that we can focus on what will benefit most.   What I love most is the diversity of patients that this clinic attracts due to it’s reputation, central position in London and the experience of the colleagues I work alongside. 

Helping new families adjust to the challenges of a new born and seeing them thrive fills me with joy. It is such a privilege to be a part of their lives. 

Based in Central London, our Paediatric Clinic welcomes patients from newborn up to 17 years of age. We aim to support young people of all ages and their families to manage their physical and mental well-being and to provide guidance and reassurance for new families as they get to know their babies. Some have been referred to us and already have a medical diagnosis we may be able to help with, but many of our appointments are self-referrals from parents themselves. 

People come to us for a variety of reasons. Parents of very young children may be experiencing feeding difficulties with their baby, or their baby may appear unsettled or have a preference for turning their head one way. Occasionally parents have concerns about the way their child walks or moves.  

Older children often come to us with a musculoskeletal injury that has resulted from sports or physical activity, but unfortunately we also see an increasing number of young patients who are experiencing the effects of stress on both their physical and mental health. 

Often parents simply need reassurance or some simple tips or exercises to take away with them, although more complex cases may require further assistance or referrals to other forms of support if appropriate. Being able to help, whether it’s through a course of manual therapy or just offering peace of mind for parents, is a great joy of the job.

Whatever the reason for coming to us, the safety and wellbeing of our patients is at the heart of what we do. All of the osteopaths working within our paediatric clinic are experienced, fully qualified osteopaths who are undertaking specialist training in paediatric care. If you think we may be able to help please do get in touch and book an appointment on 020 7089 5360 or email clinicappointments@uco.ac.uk.” 

Samantha Fennell qualified from the UCO before starting her journey in the specialist area of paediatric osteopathy where she continues to lecture in this subject both in the UK and Europe, delivering an evidence-based approach to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Currently course leader for the UCO Postgraduate Certificate in Specialist Paediatric Osteopathic Practice, Samantha combines her love of teaching with private practice.