50% discount on appointment fees this November

Have you been meaning to book an appointment at the UCO Clinic but haven’t quite got round to it yet?

We have a limited number of exam appointments available in our General clinic from Monday 9 November through to Friday 27 November 2020 at just half the usual rate: £15 for a standard appointment, £7 if you usually pay concessionary fees, and £11 for community partner members. 

The discount does not apply to appointments in our Associates clinic, but patients who might usually attend one of our other clinics (Sports, Expectant Mothers etc) are welcome to book an exam appointment during our General clinic hours.

As part of their training at the UCO, all of our students are assessed and examined, and during assessment weeks we offer a substantial 50 per cent discount on clinic fees. For a full list of fees, visit this page. Exam appointments are just like usual appointments at the clinic, but your student osteopath may be assessed and examined throughout.

Please note that as a detailed assessment and case history is taken as part of the exam, exam appointments are only available to new patients or those returning after an absence of six months or more, and cannot be requested for an ongoing course of treatment. 

All appointments at the UCO Clinic are delivered by senior students, under the supervision of experienced, qualified osteopaths. 

To book, simply call us on 020 7089 5360 or email clinicappointments@uco.ac.uk and request an exam appointment.